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Often Asked Garage Door Questions

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Often Asked Garage Door Questions

If you have a question about your overhead garage door or any of its components, then our experts most likely have the answer. We created this FAQ page to help homeowners get some concise and informative answers to their questions. If you want more information, give us a call.

How do I maintain garage door hinges?

Start by inspecting them. Watch out for bending. Bent hinges should be fixed immediately. You should also pay close attention for wearing of the cylinders. If a cylinder is oval rather than round, the hinge should be replaced. Lubricate the hinges just a little bit. Use a product which is approved by your door’s manufacturer.

What kind of lubricant is best for garage door springs?

Our specialists suggest that you first check which lubricants the manufacturer of your springs recommends in your owner's manual, in order to not void your warranty. In general, any light non-sticky lubricant should do a great job. Just remember to apply a thin layer of it all across the coils and to then operate the door a couple of times to make sure it reaches all the necessary sections.

What is an extension spring?

Springs are used to counter-balance the weight of your garage door. An extension spring is one that is installed horizontally on one side of your door parallel to the ground and towards the inside of your garage. It is usually paired with another one that is installed on the second side of the door. These components stretch and contract in order to support the door's weight. They are the older of the two types of springs and are considered more likely to break due to the nature of their action.

Should I install a lock on my garage door?

Installing a lock is not required when you're already using a garage door opener, as this device usually serves as a lock. Adding a second lock can certainly increase security, but it can also lead to potential accidents if you forget to unlock and remove it before trying to open the door.


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